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Rob and Betty Davie

Living in Casa sul Monte is the fulfilment of a long-held dream for us both. Having travelled widely and been fortunate to enjoy some of the best standards of hospitality and cuisine in the world we have for years wanted to interpret and give substance to our love of modern design and traditional architecture - combined with a shared passion for travel, food and culture - by finding, redesigning and creating a new home for ouselves in Umbria, the green heart of Italy.


Its a long story - and a small world!


Although of New Zealand parents, Rob was born in Perugia and spent his early years in Italy so is fluently bilingual and having worked professionally as Design Consultant in Italy, the UK and internationally has a unique perspective on all things Italian ... in particular their regional foods and wines, modern design aesthetic, architectural heritage, rich culture and complex politics!


By contrast, Betty was born and grew up in London, the city where she and Rob lived for over forty years bringing up a large, dynamic and demanding family of five wonderful daughters. As a retired Food Technology teacher Betty has always enjoyed sharing the joys, disciplines and rewards of every-day cooking with her own family, school children and adults alike.


With the family grown and retirement age approaching it was finally time to chase their own dream, so Rob and Betty sold their home in London, pooling all resources and energies to track down and find that elusive, unique and magical period property desperately crying out for lots of TLC, patience and hard work ... to be rescued, to be restored and to be rebuilt.


Casa sul Monte proved to be the place! It was a dream and now is our forever home in Umbria.

Sharing our dream with others


By creating two self-contained holiday apartments on the ground floor of our property we are now able to share our adventure with others. Through this we look forward to demonstrating our enthusiasm for and knowledge of all things Italian, so hoping to make your stay at Casa sul Monte not only a comfortable and relaxing break but also provide you an insight into the unique charms of rural life in Italy.

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